Jeong Chanho

  • Education
    Pusan ​​National University, College of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Sculpture Major and Graduate School
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  • Prize
    2016 Melting ore to extract iron Steel Art Contest Special Award
    2013 Korea Art Competition Critic Award
    2009 Misari Sculpture Competition Special Selection
    2005~2007 Busan Art Exhibition Special Selection and Selection
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    Solo shows
    2017 DRAW, Hongti Art Center, Busan
    2014 Swordsman-儉客-poverty guy exhibition, Busan French Cultural Center Art Space, Busan
    2012 Life is sports, Centum Art Space, Busan
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    Group shows
    2020 Old Future: Encounter, Sarang Farm, Gimhae
    2020 EMOTION IN MOTION, Busan Museum of Contemporary Art, Busan
    2019 7189 Medsella Exhibition, Geumjeong Museum of Art, Busan
    2019 Busan Sculpture Festival, Busan Arts Center, Busan
    2019 D.S.A.F: Dust south art festival, Dust south, Gimhae
    2019 Busan Sculptor Association Exhibition-Going beyond the region to the world ⅤI, Busan Arts Center, Busan
    2018 Aesthetic Transformation Exhibition, Hongti Art Village, Busan
    2018 Art, in the name of that love... Exhibition, Busan University Art Center, Busan]
    2018 Busan Sculptor Association Exhibition-From Region to World Ⅴ, Busan Cultural Center, Busan
    2017 Group Tak Tak Exhibition, Art District P, Busan
    2017 2017 Korean Sculptor Exhibition, Geumjeong Cultural Center, Busan
    2017 Saha Art Festival-4th Color Exhibition, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan
    2017 Ulsan Ungchon Artist Association Special Exhibition, Ulju Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan
    2017 Public Art Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Ulsan Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan
    2017 The 6th Geoje Sea Art Festival [Okpo Ocean Plaza Waterfront Park, Geoje
    2016 Sculpture-Do Exhibition, Yujin Gallery, Busan
    2016 Busan Sculpture Festival, Culture Hall, Busan
    2016 Seoul Modern Art Show Special Exhibition–We are animalier, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
    2016 Centum Window Gallery Exhibition, Centum Hospital, Busan
    2015 Saha Art Festival, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan
    2015 Art in the Park, Busan Civic Park, Busan
    2015 Busan Sculptor Association Exhibition, Busan Cultural Center, Busan
    2015 Geoje Sea Art Festival, Daewoo Shipbuilding Ocean Plaza, Geoje
    2015 Busan Sea Art Festival, Dadaepo Beach, Busan
    2015 Best Artist Exhibition, Hongti Art Center, Busan
    2015 Make Dreams with Busan Art Exhibition, Busan Cultural Center, Busan
    2015 Kim Jong-seon and Jung Chan-ho Exhibition-Targeted Paradise, Lee Yeonju Gallery, Busan
    2015 Regional Emotional Youth Artist Exchange Exhibition, Busan City Hall, Busan
    2015 Exhibition of Korean Sculptor Association, Busan City Hall, Busan
    2015 Morning Bee Exhibition, Busan City Hall, Busan
    2015 Facing Time Exhibition, Sun & Fun Gallery, Busan
    2015 Interspace Exhibition, Kim's Art Field Museum, Busan
    2014 Busan Biennale Asian Curatorial Special Exhibition, Korea Steel, Busan
    2014 Equal Table Exhibition, Art District P, Busan
    2014 Busan Sculpture Festival, Civic Park, Busan
    2014 MacGyver Exhibition, Lee Yeonju Gallery, Busan
    2014 Blind Exhibition, Citizen's Park, Busan
    2014 Phnom Penh Temperature Exhibition, White Building, Cambodia
    2014 Symbiotic Sharing Exhibition, Hongti Art Center, Busan
    2014 What do you want to see, Mibu Art Center, Busan
    2013 Art exchange project TOUCH, New Zero Art Space, Myanmar
    2013 Busan Youth Art Festival, Cultural Center, Busan
    2012 Busan Sculpture Festival, Busan City Hall, Busan
    2012 Watagata Art Festival, Busan Port Coastal Passenger Terminal, Busan
    2012 Sky high exhibition, Lotte Gallery Gwangbok, Busan
    2011 Repair Repair, Repair, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju
    2011 Moving Art Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
    2010 Busan Sculpture Gallery Festival, Gallery Fine, Busan
    2009 Group Mokgeumtohwa Space and Communication, Ulsan Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan
    2008 Asiaf- Asian University Students Artists Art Festival, Old Seoul Station, Seoul
    2008 Group Mokgeumtohwa Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Busan Gyeongnam Racing Park, Busan
    2008 Group New Form Ssangsang Party Exhibition, Busan Marine Natural History Museum, Busan
    2007 Group Mokgeumtohwa Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Busan Kyungryun Industrial Complex, Busan
    2006 Group Gift Set BOX IN BUSANSTATION- Sexy Rail, Bujeon Station, Busan
    2004 Group World Conquest Sisa Magazine Exhibition, Kyungshin Culture Hall, Busan
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    2014 Temperature of Phnom Penh [Sasa Art Project/ Phnom Penh/ Cambodia]
    2013 Art exchange project TOUCH [New Zero Art Space/ Yangon/ Myanmar]
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