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Art Sohyang

Kim Minsong , Lee Jieun , Im Jimin
Art Sohyang is hosting 《Secret Garden》 by three young female artists [Kim Min-song(b.1990~ Korea), Lee Ji-eun(b.1991~ Korea), Lim Ji-min(b.1989~ Korea)] from August 24 (Tue) to October 2 (Sat), 2021. The artists in this exhibition have several things in common. It is exceptionally composed of only female artists in their early to mid 30s. Through this exhibition, Art Sohyang presents the stories of three talented female artists from three perspectives. This generation of artists may be much more accustomed to using digital devices and social media fluently as they are exposed to sophisticated digital media from an early age. However, the artists in this exhibition, ironically, use only the most basic materials such as acrylic and oil to paint their works, and they are painters with skills that are rare these days. It also has an analog sensibility that tells stories about memories. You can see the various perspectives of the three artists, who started from their own memories and unraveled with their own sensibility. It looks bright with colorful colors, but if you look closely, it will be an exhibition that broadly illuminates the works of artists who talk about the depth of darkness.

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Secret Garden

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