Shin Daejun
Korean , b.1985

  • Education
    2010 Dong-A University Faculty of Formative Design / Graduated from Visual Design
    2019 Pusan ​​National University Department of Fine Arts / Western Painting Graduated
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    Solo shows
    2019 Little Forest, BNK Busan Bank Gallery, Busan
    2019 Little Forest, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
    2018 Where the wind blows, Art DOT, Busan
    2017 Stay here, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
    2016 Daejun Shin Solo Exhibition, Chunja Gallery, Busan
    2016 Memory of the Wind, Gallery Songadang, Seoul
    2016 Where Time Stays, Space Tree, Seoul
    2016 That day, there, from that time , TOM N TOMS, Seoul
    2015 That Day, There, From Then, YOOJIN GALLERY, Busan,
    2015 That Day, There, From Then, Gallery Ilho, Seoul
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    Group shows
    2019 Happy painting exhibition,Mac Gallery, Busan
    2019 You are to me, Busan Citizen Hall, Busan
    2019 FUN&VALUE, Gallery Rae, Busan
    2019 5+5 Exhibition, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
    2019 Small Shop, L Gallery, Seoul
    2019 50-50 Exhibition, SPCE 1326, Changwon
    2018 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
    2018 After B, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
    2017 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
    2017 Han Choong-seok, Shin Dae-jun Exhibition, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
    2016 Yokai Exhibition, SPACE 1326, Changwon
    2016 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
    2016 8085 Drawing Exhibition, Gallery Ain, Busan
    2016 We are Animal Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
    2016 Special1326 50-50 Exhibition, SPACE 1326, Changwon
    2015 A Dream Play Exhibition, Lotte Department Store Gallery, Ilsan
    2015 Hongti Open Studio, Hongti Art Center, Busan
    2015 8085 Palgongpalo Exhibition, Yoojin Gallery, Busan
    2015 Occasional Dream Exhibition, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
    2014 6 Young Artists, Ocean Gallery, Busan
    2014 Supermarket Exhibition, Art District P, Busan
    2014 Zoo in Art Museum, Kidari Gallery, Daegu
    2014 Discovery Exhibition, Art Center Plus, Seoul
    2014 Morakmorak Exhibition, Gallery Ilho, Seoul
    2014 Two Faces Exhibition, Gallery Art Forest, Busan
    2013 Youth Artists, Culture Media Space Ssam, Busan
    2012 Suspicious Taste and Gaze Exhibition, Harbor Gallery, Busan
    2012 Invitational Exhibition to Discover Young ArtistsTri Angle', BNK Busan Bank Gallery, Busan
    2012 Gray Jungle Exhibition, Gallery Um, Busan
    2011 Waste Collection Exhibition, BNK Busan Bank Gallery, Busan
    2010 Page3 Exhibition, Hanseul Gallery, Busan
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