Kim Minsong
Korean , b.1990

About Form
  • Min-song Kim's work in a dreamlike landscape like a deep night dream is unfamiliar and familiar. The artist captures the scenery of a desert or a jungle filled with exotic and mysterious plants under countless starlights as if pouring, in brilliant colors. The darkness surrounding all directions is not scary or scary, but rather warm. Memories and memories that are weak and faint in bright daylight and settled deep in the mind are surrounded by a faint light when darkness comes. It is these weak but subtly shining memories and memories that support life, and this is the art of the artist.

    ◀ Note ▶
    The main subject of my work began with the 'plants', I saw in my trip.
    The memories of Mother Nature seen in the journey instilled the idea that human beings were only a small part of the universe. Humans, as seen in the organic worldview, are just objects that circulate and move in coherence with the whole unity. Therefore, there can be no separation and separation from nature, that is, the world and human beings, and it is inherently positioned as a value and an existence. The work that started from the memories of travel and nature contains the meaning of recollection.

    Memory is not abstract, in fact, it is the reality that constitutes our lives.
    The memory perceived by the senses creates an individual's own experience. These memories can be recreated and broken down easily. I record to grab memories of a moment that flows forever. The scenes that seemed to be memories of vivid dreams made me feel vague enough to distinguish between dream and reality. People live with much in their memory. It is often called a memory, and sometimes it becomes a concrete form, and sometimes it becomes something very abstract to give our sympathy.

    I want to record the countless emotions that arise when a moment in a small memory arises, and an area of consciousness that expands infinitely at the moment of capturing it. The memory that exists in our lives is forgotten or recalled naturally or by small and great efforts. Oblivion also means the complete forgetting of a fact, and the word oblivion was chosen in the process of forgetting and refilling a piece of memory. My work expresses nature, scenery, and plants, which are the gathering materials of memory and oblivion, in direct contact with the effect of memory going back in time.
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