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Art Sohyang will hold the solo exhibition "Whispering" by Lee Young-ji, which depicts the abstract human emotion of "love" in the form of trees and birds, from May 3rd (Tue) to June 4th (Sat). It is the artist's first solo exhibition held in Busan since the group exhibition of the year before last, and a total of 58 new works, including "When I Miss You Tears," can be seen in Art Sohyang.

The tree that appears like the main character in Lee Young-ji's work represents the artist's own image. Just as the dots gather to form lines and faces, the repetitive and delicate dots of countless leaves are gathered to form a lush tree. It contains the artist's idea that I, who have nothing to show and have nothing to show, will also become a tree over time. Birds hovering around the tree tell of friends, family, and relationships in life. It tells the story of a small but happy life through the appearance of dancing, playing golf, and birds playing leisurely in the flower garden.

Artist Lee Young-ji personifies the object of nature that represents our lives as a medium and reads the small but precious feelings of humans in life as if they were a poem. In the nature unfolded by the writer in the lyrical work, he/she can recall the memories of the lost time that he/she inadvertently passed by without discovering in the difficult real world, and become the main character in it and create his/her own story. I hope it will be a time for us to focus on various emotions such as relationships with the world, joy, sadness, love, and loneliness that we have formed throughout our lives, and to honestly sympathize with the stories of our lives.

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