• 2017 Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture, Department of Fine Arts, Pusan ​​National University
      2019 Pusan ​​National University Graduate School of Sculpture, Master's Degree

Solo shows

    • 2020 Special triangular relation, gallery serene space
      2020 Sanghwan Invitation exhibition, Aden
      2020 Unrecognized of loss, the form its trace, deepsleep
      2020 Special triangular relation, Four F gallery
      2019 A few particular people, WERK
      2018 Eqaul, Miboo art center

Group shows

    • 2021 From now on again, F1963 Seokcheon Hall
      2021 Love feeds love, gallery Mass
      2021 Don't Swallow Anxiety, DOT museum
      2020 Under 200, Artsohyang
      2020 On-tact culture festival, Gupo-market
      2020 O.D.D, Navi gallery
      2020 2020 ASSYAF, Hongik museum of art
      2020 OKGO, Art B1
      2019 There is no moral in this exhibition, C.O.C.A
      2019 Clayarch & Hongti-artcenter exhibition, Clayarch dom
      2019 Sea art festival, Dadaepo beach
      2019 D.S.A.F, DUST277
      2019 Under 39 artfair, centum shinsegae mall
      2019 8,350, Fake gallery
      2019 Chang-won Asian art festival, Seongsan art hall
      2019 Decks cultural salon, Decks coffee
      2019 THIS PLAY, Fake gallery
      2019 loving Busan, Younger artist project, Eulsukdo gallery
      2019 The fine art, one thing by that name, PNU art center
      2018 Drawing festival, gguljang, Art district P
      2018 The pictorial book of the artist's life, Art district P
      2018 different light, CATs
      2018 Hello, artist, openspace Bae
      2018 Young artist artistar, seokdang museum of art
      2017 Open to you : art market, centum shinsegae gallery
      2017 Grand art award of Pusan, MOCA Pusan
      2017 Encore, PNU art center
      2016 PNU the 32th graduate, GJ culture center
      2015 Second meeting, Miboo art center
      2014 First meeting, Miboo art centet
      2014 Group YBA - Start, Hong-ti art center
      2014 Second hands, Changdong art center
      2013 Pusan Songdo Sea art festivar, Songdo beach

Fair booths

    • 2020 BAMA