• 2019 Pusan National University, Western Painting(Graduated)
      2020 Pusan National University Graduate School of Western Painting, Master's Degree

Solo shows

    • 2021 'It's something that burns our hands as soon as we pick it up.', Center of Contemporary Art,Busan
      2020 'Third Carnival', Roguecamp, Changwon

Group shows

    • 2020 'More to read-Invitation Exhibition', Busan Art and Cultural Center for Students, Busan
      2020 'A wise life of inquiry', Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan
      2020 '2020 Changwon Asia Art Festival', Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon
      2020 'Age difference, that's the beginning',Topgoal Art museum, Seoul


    • 2021 Center of Contemporary Art table residency, Busan
      2018 Geumjung Cultural foundation Seotgol Art village,busan

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