• 2014 Royal College of Art MA Painting
      2011 Arts in Western Painting, Faculty of Art, Ewha Womans University


    • 2017 Dentons Art Prize Shortlisted
      2016 HIX AWARD Shortlisted
      2015 Griffin Art Prize Shortlisted
      2015 Wells Art Contemporary Shortlisted
      2014 Winter Pride Award Shortlisted
      2014 Neville Burston Award Winner

Solo shows

    • 2019 1”Eclipse, Dohingart, Seoul
      2019 The Night is Young, Gallery Lux, Seoul
      2018 Moonlight Punch, Noblesse Collection, Seoul
      2018 ; _ ; semicolon underscore semicolon, Artist Run Space Showandtell, Seoul
      2015 You Can't Go Home Again, 32sqm Acme Project Space, London, UK
      2014 Home-made Disaster, Cabin gallery, London, UK
      2012 New Fantasia, SADI Window Gallery, Seoul
      2012 The world of scare, Hello museum mini gallery, Seoul

Group shows

    • 2020 BGA Offline Showcase PHYSICAL, Factory 2, Seoul
      2019 Universe of Universes, Sinchon Art Space, Seoul
      2018 Double art christmas, LG U+ office building, Seoul
      2018 Art Mining Seoul 2018, DDP, Seoul
      2018 EMAP, Ewha Womans University Campus, Seoul
      2018 FAIR PLAY, Gallery Elena Shchukina, London, UK
      2017 POWER PLAY WINTER SALON, The Concept Space, London, UK
      2017 PIY Painting Lounge, Sluice Biennale 2017, London, UK
      2017 One Summer Night, Crypt gallery St. Pancras, London, UK
      2017 Dentons Art Prize, Dentons Law Firm St. Paul office, London, UK
      2016 HIX AWARD 2016, Unit London Soho, London, UK
      2016 Summer Arts Prize 2016, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London, UK
      2016 Blind Plural, Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK
      2015 Griffin Art Prize, Griffin Gallery, London, UK
      2015 Wells Art Contemporary, Wells Museum, Wells
      2015 The Salon, Project Space 103, Cornwall, UK
      2015 RCA secret, Dyson Gallery, London, UK/ Dubai, Arab
      2015 POP LIVING, Schuwartz Gallery, London, UK
      2015 The Exhibit-The Curator, The Exhibit Balham, London, UK
      2014 Winter Pride Award, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London, UK   
      2014 Launching Show, Frontline Ventures, Dublin
      2014 SHOW RCA, Sackler building, London, UK
      2014 RCA secret, Dyson building, London, UK
      2013 PNTG NOV, Henry Moore Gallery, London, UK
      2013 RCA secret, Dyson building, London, UK
      2013 Note to self, Dyson building, London, UK
      2013 Work in Progress Show, Henry Moore Gallery, London, UK
      2012 MUSEUM SAFARI 2, Seoul Arts Center V Gallery, Seoul
      2012 Art Discovery, Hello Museum, Seoul
      2011 In the city, Chungmu Art Center, Seoul
      2010 Shadow-A fairy tale, Underbar space, Seoul
      2010 Meet the artist, Geumsan Gallery, Paju
      2009 Second Landscape, Touch Art Gallery, Paju