Lee Jae-hyo Solo Exhibition

Sep 27 - Nov 23, 2017




Korea's leading sculptor, Jaehyo Lee, has established a solid position both at home and abroad by presenting new alternatives to contemporary sculpture. From natural materials such as wood, fallen leaves, cobblestone and charcoal to artificial materials such as nails, bolts, and tools, the unique materials not commonly used by other sculptors shows his creative and original style and curiosity for new materials and techniques. Artist Jaehyo Lee presents his new works through a solo exhibition at Art Sohyang from September 27 to November 23, 2017. This exhibition is a solo exhibition held in the gallery two years after the artist had a large-scale solo exhibition at Art Sohyang in 2015.

Artist Jaehyo Lee presents a sculptural installation, '0121-1110=1120210' for this exhibition. Like most installations of his works, this work that comes to mind and gets stuck like a wedge the moment you look at it is a site-specific work that transforms the entire interior of the exhibition hall, and consists of dozens of oak pillars. Through the installation works that make use of Art Sohyang's high floor height and space, you will be able to vividly feel the power of unprocessed materials and the dedication of Lee Jae-hyo, which was difficult to see in conventional commercial spaces. In addition to the large-scale installation work, this exhibition showcases Jaehyo Lee's drawings. He is also known for his well-organized archiving, and you can see all the drawings and objects that are the archetypes of his work in this exhibition.

Through his work that sculpts a space with sculpture and installation work, not as an object as a sculpture itself, we will have an opportunity to see how Lee Jae-hyo presents a new alternative to contemporary sculpture.
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