Lee Jae-hyo Solo Exhibition

May 07 - Jun 27, 2015




Art Sohyang is holding a solo exhibition of Lee Jae-hyo, a world-renowned sculptor who is from Busan and is active on the international stage from May 7 to June 27. Artist Jae-hyo Lee was well-received by winning the Sculpture Award at the Osaka Triennale in 1998 and the Woodland Sculpture Award in 2003, and his works are housed in some of the world's leading hotels and art galleries such as the United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Japan. This exhibition is a solo exhibition by Lee Jae-hyo, held on a large scale in Busan after a long absence, and consists of 10 large-scale sculptures and photographs of the production process.

Artist Jaehyo Lee's work shows elegance, simplicity and contemporary beauty with his unique approach to size, balance and formal sophistication and surface treatment. Unlike Western works, which are accompanied by a lot of additional explanations, even without words, you can feel ‘telepathic’. This differentiation is the refinement of Eastern culture. Although it approaches with such intense visual appeal, it must have left a distinct impression on Westerners because philosophical thoughts such as earth art, environmental art, installation art, and minimalism are firmly piled up at the root of the artist's artistic world.

Thanks to the popularity of Lee Jae-hyo at home and abroad, relatively small-scale works were often seen in Busan, but there was no regret to feel the overwhelming scale and atmosphere of Lee Jae-hyo's original work. This exhibition in Busan is of great significance that you can see Art Sohyang's high floor height of 6.5 meters and from sculptures to installations that actively utilize the wide space. It may be an exhibition that has been difficult to see in commercial spaces until now.

Meanwhile, in this exhibition, a dialogue with the artist Lee Jae-hyo will also be held in relation to Lee Jae-hyo's solo exhibition. The vivid experiences of the artist on the international stage will be of great help to the art students in Busan who dream of the world in the future. The conversation with the artist will take place for about 2 hours from 3:30 on the opening day, and it will be a great opportunity to vividly hear the artist's philosophy, which presents a new alternative to contemporary sculpture, in Busan. The opening reception is open from 6pm on May 7th.
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