Son Bongchae
Korean , b.1967

  • Prize
    2011 Selected as a 2011 K-art project
    2010 Gwangju City Culture and Arts Award
    2009 Middle school art textbook works included (published by the Central Education Promotion Research Institute)
    2006 Shanghai Duolon Museum Residence Writer
    2004 Gwangju Museum of Art Yangsan-dong Art Studio 1st Resident Artist
    2004 Gwangju Biennale works permanently installed
    1999 High school art textbook works included (published by the teacher's school)
    1998 Ssamzie Studio 1st Resident Artist
    1997 The 1st Shinsegae Art Festival Grand Prize
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    Solo shows
    2013 Human and Nature, Mudeung Museum of Modern Art, (18th Individual Exhibition)
    2013 Light + Nature, Galerie Georg Peithner-Lichtenfels Vienna, Austria (17th Individual Exhibition)
    2013 Isan's Dream, POSCO Museum of Art, Seoul (16th Individual Exhibition)
    2012 Lee Residents, Gallery Max Weber Six Friedrich, Munich, Germany (15th Individual Exhibition)
    2012 Lee Joo-Mi, Michael Chutz Gallery, Berlin, Germany (14th Individual Exhibition)
    2011 Isan's Dream, Sabina Museum, Seoul (13th Individual Exhibition)
    2010 The Sound of the Water and the Sound of the Wind, Beacon Gallery, Seoul (12th Individual Exhibition)
    2010 Transparent Opacity, Andy's Gallery, Seoul (11th Individual Exhibition)
    2009 Invitation of Young Artist of the Year Exhibition, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju (10th Individual Exhibition)
    2008 Light+Building 2008 Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany (9th Individual Exhibition)
    2007 Invitation to Open the Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai, Korean Cultural Center Jusanghae, China (8th Individual Exhibition)
    2006 Lost Time, Border, Shanghai Duolen Museum, China (7th Individual Exhibition)
    2006 Lost Time, Border, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul (6th Individual Exhibition)
    2005 Shinsegae Invitational Exhibition, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju (5th Individual Exhibition)
    1998 The 1st Shinsegae Art Festival Grand Prize Winning Artist Invitation Exhibition, Incheon/Gwangju (4th Individual Exhibition)
    1996 Johyeong Gallery, Seoul (3rd Individual Exhibition)
    1995 Higgins Hall, New York (2nd Individual Exhibition)
    1994 New Gallery, New York (1st Individual Exhibition)
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    Group shows
    2012 Pain Relief Exhibition, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju
    2012 The Story of Mudeung, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
    2012 The Story of Mudeung, Henan Provincial Art Museum, Zhangzhou, China
    2011 Best Forest Wind, Daedam Museum of Art, Damyang
    2011 Group Movement 'Let's Do It', Kumho Gallery, Gwangju
    2011 Welcome Landscape, Shinsegae Centum City, Busan
    2010 NEO-SENSE-From Illusion to 3D, Sabina Museum, Seoul
    2010 Gwang-Axpo, Sangmu Civic Park, Gwangju
    2010 Digi Festa Exhibition, Biennale Exhibition Hall, Gwangju
    2010 2010 Ceramic Art & Technology, AT Center, Seoul
    2009 Topography of the Spirit_2009 Sections of Korea, National Museum of Art, Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan
    2009 Project Part2, Gallery Strenger, Tokyo, Japan
    2009 Mt. Mudeungsan Youth Declaration, Gwangju MBC 45th Anniversary Special Planning, Gallery D, Gwangju
    2008 Opening of the Sangnok Museum of Gwangju City Museum, Sangnok Museum of Art, Gwangju
    2008 Opening of Gwangju Museum of Art, Light Gallery, Seoul
    2008 Imagination Power Plant Exhibition, Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan
    2007 Invitation to Korean Embassy in Washington, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, USA
    2007 Art and Play_Funsters, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul
    2005 Guangzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou
    2005 Flying Night, Gimhae Culture Center Opening Exhibition, Gimhae
    2004 10 Years Later, Gana Art Center, Seoul
    2003 Encounter between aesthetics and purity, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju
    2000 Sculpture Amusement Park, Seonggok Art Museum, Seoul
    1999 City and Video, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
    1999 Open Studio, Ssamzie Studio, Seoul
    1999 Earth and Wind Exhibition, Literary Arts Promotion Agency, Seoul
    1998 Artist of the Year Han_Young 8, Total Museum of Art, Seoul
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    Permanent collections
    National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
    Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea
    Korean Cultural Center Shanghai, Shanghai, China
    Gwangju Biennale
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