Son Bongchae

Korean, b.1967


There are two materials that Son Bong-chae, a sculptor and installation artist, has been using as an aesthetic tool so far. One is a bicycle, and the other is a three-dimensional painting painted by superimposing images on polycarbonate. Son Bong-chae's artistic language using these two materials ranges from the artist's individual storytelling to the socio-political things that emerged from the twists of Korean and world history. Among them, a very characteristic work in a formative way is a tree that is expressed as if sketching a historical site. His three-dimensional paintings, mainly of Korean symbols of pine and bamboo, show a big difference from those of general landscape materials. This is because the meaning of more than a simple tree is revived by overlapping several images to make it appear three-dimensional along with the vivid realism given by the material of the tree. In order to express the spatio-temporal depth contained in the backside of the landscape and the numerous joys and sorrows that have elapsed there, the artist expresses it as a three-dimensional work by stacking several layers of painting panels over LED lighting.
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Son Bongchae

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