Park Jieun

Korean, b.1987


The artist majored in oriental painting at university, and now expresses the memories of travel using both oriental and western painting techniques. The artist's work looks as if it was drawn by an elegant calligrapher of the East in a single stroke. But if you look closely, you can see that it is made up of lights, colors, greenery, and landscapes viewed from the city's tall buildings or from high terrain. Traveling is both a hobby and a life for Park Ji-eun, who is popular in the Southeastern region such as Singapore and Malaysia. The artist expresses the emotions she felt while traveling around the world, such as the unique nature of the travel destination, architecture, conversations with people, music, and books, in her works. The elaborate and beautifully described landscape contains not only the feelings of happiness that were overwhelmed at the travel destination, but also the loneliness and lonely feelings felt as others there

Park Jieun

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