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Artist Ji-sook Lee borrowed the form from Chosun's '책가도(冊架圖)', but the technique and painting are new. In the 책가도(冊架圖), not only books, but also fruits, pottery, stationery, and other small items from the study were drawn together. After becoming a folk painting, also contained the wishes and dreams of life, such as '무병장수' and '입신양명'. In the state that the soil is not firmly magnetized, the artist repeats the process of stacking several layers of thin acrylic paints, grinding them with sandpaper, and repainting them. Therefore, the artist's terracotta relief work, which has been constantly conducting new research such as terracotta, 책가도(冊架圖), and inverse perspective, requires a lot of time and patience. This arduous process of work may be the attitude of the artist herself toward life, as well as the wish for happiness and wealth in the 책가도(冊架圖).

Lee Jisook

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