Han Choongseok

Korean, b.1981


Choong-Seok Han, who works by layering light acrylic paint on a cotton cloth, not a canvas, dozens of times, is working on'relationship' by comparing the'owl' to himself. The owls appearing in the works of Choong-Seok Han in the early days symbolized the appearance of modern people who hide their bodies halfway behind a tree with their eyes open, notice, and are unable to establish relationships with others. However, as time passes, the owl becomes a father and, paradoxically, finds his own resting place through exchanges with others, and gives many people healing and happiness through relationships. Choong-seok Han, who recently sold out at KIAF and ART TAIPAI, is a young artist in Busan who is receiving much love from home and abroad.

Han Choongseok

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