How can we help you? Below are answers to some of the most common questions from collectors.
  • add [Buying] How can I get more information about the work?
  • add [Buying] How can I estimate additional costs, such as shipping and framing?
  • add [Buying] Can I negotiate for works on Koreanartist?
  • add [Buying] Why do some artworks have pricing information listed while others do not?
  • add [Buying] I inquired on a work marked “For Sale”, but the gallery responded saying that the work is unavailable. Why did this happen?
  • add [Buying] How can I ensure authenticity of artworks?
  • add [Buying] I am hesitant to purchase an artwork “sight unseen”. Can I return the work if I do not feel as strongly about it when it arrives?
  • add [Exploring] How do I find new artists and artworks on Koreanartist?
  • add [Exploring] How do I save artworks to revisit or purchase later?
  • add [Exploring] What do I do if there are no works for sale by an artist that I am interested in?
  • add [Artist] How koreanartist woks
  • add [Artist] Listing artiworks
  • add [Artist] How can I request corrections on artwork details?
  • add [Artist] How can I request corrections on my artist biography?
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