Total Eclipse

May 07 - Jun 06, 2020


Presented by Art Sohyang


Art Sohyang will hold a solo exhibition 《Total Eclipse》 by You-kyeong Oh, an installation artist from Busan and active in domestic and overseas, from May 7 (Thursday) to June 6 (Saturday), 2020. This is the artist's first solo exhibition held at Art Sohyang after the two-person exhibition 《Magic Lantern》, which received great attention last year.

This exhibition, the artist's first large-scale solo exhibition in Busan, features 10 new works, ranging from small sculptures to large installations with audience participation. The title of this exhibition and the title of the work, 'Total Eclipse', is the moment when the earth, the sun, and the moon overlap. When the sun, the moon, and the earth are placed in a straight line in outer space, there are areas on the earth where the sun cannot be seen due to the moon's shadow. Although intangible and variable, the shadow is also evidence of existence. For this reason, Total Eclipse is also used in a metaphorical sense to confirm the existence of invisible things. This exhibition is an extension of the way the artist has dealt with his work so far. Is revealed through changes such as folding, unfolding, and reconstruction.

You-kyeong Oh's solo exhibition 《Total Eclipse》 is an exhibition that stands out with the artist's unique poetic yet strong energy. In particular, this exhibition, which is a great opportunity to experience high-quality installation art, which is rare in Busan, is filled with a feast of sensational play that visitors can enjoy, even though the fundamental aspects of humanity and philosophical themes are upset.
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Total Eclipse

May 07 - Jun 06, 2020

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