Kim Young-hee Solo Exhibition
Art Sohyang, Busan

About Form
  • Artists Kim Younghui
  • DatesSep 29, 2016 ~ Oct 21, 2016
  • HoursTuesday-Saturday 11-6
  • Contact+82 51 747 0715
  • Art Sohyang will be holding the Doc Paper Sculpture Exhibition from September 29 to October 21 by Kim Young-hee, a sculptural artist based in Germany, who is active all over the world. This exhibition is a solo exhibition held in Korea two years after the last 70 years old exhibition, and Kim Young-hee's new Doc paper dolls have visited his home country. It is composed of lyrical and Korean sculptural works, such as a child wearing colored clothes and a child blowing a big yellow balloon with a bright cheek.

    This exhibition can be said to be the final version of the world of works by Kim Young-hee, who gained great fame in European paintings such as Germany after moving to Munich in 1981, and showed the world of original works with Doc paper dolls. The full moon-shaped face, thread-like eyes, red cheeks, and plump body are intact, but they are softer than before, and the colorful colors and textures stand out. Adults can feel forgotten childhood memories and nostalgia in that they express everyday life, especially young children, in a friendly and humorous way. It will be a great opportunity to experience the way you were in childhood.