Bella Scoperta

Nov 01 - Dec 14, 2013


Presented by Art Sohyang


We invite you to a young artist who works through different media based on 'Artificial joints'.

Sohyang Gallery's title for this exhibition,'Bella Scoperta', means the discovery of beauty in Italian. They work through different media such as painting, photography, and kinetic art, but the common material of these works is 'Artificial joints'. An artificial joint that helps a person lead a healthy life in an invisible place in the body. These artificial joints, which came out of their role in the human body, were solved by three young artists in their own way.

Artist Kang Woo-won, who has a unique style of painting three-dimensional paintings by overlapping several layers of paints, put artificial joints in famous figures such as Salvador Dali in this exhibition. And
artist Noh Se-hwan, who majored in media art, connected materials such as paprika, banana, and pumpkin, which are widely used in his recent work, to artificial joints. Artist Han Jin-su added soft beauty to a material called heavy artificial joint by using moving parts among artificial joints.

It will be a special fun of this exhibition to appreciate the way these three young artists, each prominent in different fields, unravel the message given by the material of artificial joints. We look forward to your interest.

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Bella Scoperta

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Bella Scoperta

Nov 01 - Dec 14, 2013

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