Art Sohyang, Busan

About Form
  • Artists Kim Minsong , Kim Su , Bae Namju , Choi Rye
  • DatesNov 05, 2019 ~ Nov 30, 2019
  • HoursTuesday-Saturday 11-6
  • Contact+82 51 747 0715
  • This exhibition 《Nebula》 starts with the Latin meaning of the word, 'Ajirangi'. It is an exhibition where you can meet the works of four young artists who have unraveled the subject and values ​​of the mind that we must have while living in a world where unreal things such as haze and mirage are excessive and shaken.

    Min-song Kim, whose exotic and familiar landscape is attractive, and Nam-ju Bae, who expresses the world of utopia with delicate and refined brushstrokes, work on painting as the main medium. Installation artist Kim Su talks about the wounds received in a relationship by giving new value to objects and the healing that is nevertheless gained. Artist Choi Rye shows the process of finding himself through traditional woodblock prints that seem simple but meditation.

    Through 《Nebula》, which consists of works of various genres such as paintings, prints, and installations, you can see your true voice from deep inside and how to love life itself.



16 Works