Lightmorphing - From Sign To Scenery

Sep 03 - Sep 28, 2019


Presented by Art Sohyang


We invite you to the exhibition 《Lightmorphing》, the first solo exhibition in Busan by M+S Architects, a world-renowned Italian architectural firm.

In this exhibition, Art Sohyang wants to present a unique design approach that takes into account the correlation between light, structure and space of M+S Architecture Office. 'Lightmorphing', which has been researched by M+S architecture office for many years, is a method of constructing the shape of a space through light, fusion, and expansion while interacting with both natural and artificial light. You can experience the lightmorphing concept through a variety of media such as installations for each section, original sketches, and video images. Through this exhibition, we hope that you will have a time to receive new inspiration through the design process that incorporates insights into the research and philosophy of M+S Architecture Office.

"M+S Architects"
Migliore and Mara Servetto are the founders of M+S Architecture Office, a global architectural design company headquartered in Milan. Has been working on a project. In all fields, from museums, exhibition design, urban design, retail stores, and installations, his designs have used new technologies to express the harmony of light and space in a creative way. It has been internationally recognized for winning various international design competitions, including 3 Compass d'Oro ADI, 2 German Design Awards, 11 Red Dot Design Awards, and 2 International Design Awards.
Migliore is the exclusive space director of the world-renowned fashion company Max Mara and oversees the spatial design of the Museum of Modern Art. His portfolio includes the Turin Urban Regeneration Project during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and he designed landmark buildings in various parts of Europe, such as the'Chopin Museum' (in Warsaw, Poland). Migliore is a professor at the Department of Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) and a chair professor at the College of Design at Dongseo University, and Mara Servetto is a visiting professor at Joshibi University in Tokyo, Japan.
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Lightmorphing - From Sign To Scenery

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Lightmorphing - From Sign To Scenery

Sep 03 - Sep 28, 2019

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