Silence in the air
Art Sohyang, Busan

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  • Artists Byun Daeyong
  • DatesMar 21, 2019 ~ May 04, 2019
  • HoursTuesday-Saturday 11-6
  • Contact+82 51 747 0715
  • Art Sohyang will be holding a solo exhibition 《Silence in the air》 by Busan-born artist Byun Daeyong (b.1972~) from March 21st to May 4th. This exhibition is the artist's first solo exhibition held at Art Sohyang. This exhibition introduces five recent works of large-scale 'Persons' specially produced for this exhibition. It will be a place to meet the philosophy of work and 'the present'.

    The artist, who has been working mainly in Busan, where he was born and raised, has worked with popular images such as Disney characters. This exhibition consists exclusively of the 'Persons' series presented by Dae-Yong Byun for the first time. These are works depicting a person's face as a motif, a large head or a person immersed in meditation. Unlike previous works with a shiny pastel tone, a matte surface with high saturation such as black, blue, and white is the main focus. If previous works immediately brought comfort and comfort to the audience through witty and clear messages, it will take some time to appreciate the new 'Persons' series. If you stop stepping and take time to spare, put yourself in the work, and look inside, you can feel a lighter mind. Although the appearance of the work is different, the fact that it embraces and embraces the pain of reality through art as a medium is the basic sentiment that flows throughout the work of Byeon Dae-yong. As the artist moved his studio from the city to the countryside, he was voluntarily and unwillingly isolated from the outside, and he started his autobiographical works about me in the past and present.

    Collaboration with MCM, Absolute Vodka, Venta Korea, and other brands that are familiar to the public include the works of the artist: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Amore Pacific Museum, Pohang Museum of Art, Busan District Court West Branch, Pocheon Art Valley, MBC Broadcasting Station (Seoul), etc. It is owned by major domestic and foreign institutions. Meanwhile, in this exhibition, a conversation with the artist will be held at 11 am on March 26 (Tuesday) regarding the solo exhibition by Dae-Yong Byun. This exhibition, which is composed of a series of 'Persons' that are different from each other in the extension of the existing works, will be a valuable time to show the new thinking and experimental spirit of the artist who has been working harder than anyone for the past 30 years.



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