Dream of reason

Mar 18 - Mar 30, 2019


Presented by Art Sohyang


We invite you to the solo exhibition 《Dream of reason》 by Nam-ju Bae, who expresses the ideal world with gorgeous colors and beautiful screens.

From March 18 (Mon) to March 30 (Sat), Lemusee will be holding the solo exhibition 《Dream of reason》 by Nam-ju Bae. Nam-ju Bae, a new artist from Busan, expresses an ideal world with a strange but beautiful screen with a rough brush touch. In this exhibition, we are going to share with the audience the interesting situation on the boundary between consciousness and unconsciousness, which the artist experienced in his accidental dream, through works including new works.

The ideal world is the main theme of artist Nam-ju Bae's work. For artist Nam-ju Bae, an ideal world means a world that is ideologically real but absent at the same time. In his work, natural objects that symbolize reality and beings in an ideal world that contrast with them are on one screen, allowing you to experience indirectly the feeling of a mysterious and neutral ideal world. Through this exhibition, I hope you can feel the fantastic world discovered by Nam-ju Bae, who attracts the attention of the audience with brilliant colors and expressive power.
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Dream of reason

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Dream of reason

Mar 18 - Mar 30, 2019

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