Carlos Cruz-diez: Color in space

Sep 09 - Nov 14, 2020


Presented by Art Sohyang


Cruz Diez was born in Venezuela and was active in Paris. He is a master of Op-Kinetic art, a lifelong researcher of color and light. At the age of 96, the passionate artist, who devoted himself to him work until the very last moment he passed away, begins with a question.

​'What is color'

For him, colors are always changing, so he thought that even the colors he painted on the canvas would depend on the viewer's gaze. The world of Cruz Diez's art conveys the message that anyone who is not a natural artist can become an artist. This exhibition is the first exhibition of the artist in Busan, and it will be an opportunity to experience a surprising and mysterious color as the series of works and installation works that he has explored throughout his life are displayed in the Art Sohyang Hall.
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Carlos Cruz-diez: Color in space

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Carlos Cruz-diez: Color in space

Sep 09 - Nov 14, 2020

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