William Barbosa - Geometric Light
Art Sohyang, Busan

About Form
  • Artists William Barbosa
  • DatesJun 26, 2014 ~ Aug 30, 2014
  • HoursTuesday-Saturday 11-6
  • Contact+82 51 747 0715
  • At Art Sohyang, the solo exhibition of William Barbosa, a Venezuela-based artist from June 26 to August 30, 《William Barbosa – Geometric Light》 was prepared. William Barbosa, who has lived and worked in Venezuela since relocating to his studio in 1975, has been proven in exhibitions around the world, including the United States, France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Argentina, and Russia, and is solidifying his position as an artist.

    'Geometric Light', the title of this exhibition held at Art Sohyang, is a theme that the artist has been constantly exploring, and he has been prominent in iron work using abstract-geometric forms since 20 years ago. His works are characterized by being harmoniously harmoniously harmonized even in the architectural space, which is characterized by the energy of lines and surfaces reproduced in geometric-structural language, and the delicate volume obtained from the geometrical structure creates elegance and a sleek silhouette in the space. Because it penetrates.

    Latin American artists such as Cruz Diez, Fernando Botero and William Barbosa are prominent in the global art market. It is of great significance that it gives a glimpse of contemporary art trends in Latin America.

    This exhibition will introduce 19 pieces of William Barbosa's sculptures, as well as Latin American contemporary art, which has recently become a rising star in the world art market through a special lecture on Latin art by Ahn Jin-ok, CEO of the Latin Culture Research Institute.