Blossom - Happy Christmas

Dec 23, 2014 - Jan 24, 2015


Presented by Art Sohyang


As an exhibition ending 2014, Art Sohyang prepared a solo exhibition 《Blossom-Happy Christmas》 by Eun-kyeong Seo, a professor at the Department of Fine Arts at Silla University. Eun-kyeong Seo is an artist who has pursued new art through the modern transformation of Korean painting. Her work does not focus only on the ideas and spirits that traditional oriental paintings focus on, but expands the scope of her work by expanding the character and technique of material.

The collage technique is a work method that the artist has been constantly researching since the 1990s, mainly using Korean paper and cloth. In this exhibition, based on the iterative process of cutting and joining traditional Korean paper and cloth, the work of constructing a shape using a plate-baking technique using holographic paper will be presented.

The Blossom Collage work by Eun-kyeong Seo is the result of internalizing the image of flowers. Instead of seeing the flower as an object of observation, the artist went deep inside and gave it a new feeling and sensibility to shape it into a modern image. That is why Seo Eun-kyeong's 'flower' contains emotions and consciousness that cannot be found in the art of representation. This is because the flowers she sees do not consider nature as an object of aesthetics like Western landscape paintings, but contain an oriental view of nature that unifies them. The artist abstracts and reconstructs the subject of 'flowers', thereby showing a higher level of contemporary painting without falling into the single-line materialism of Korean painting. Therefore, no matter how much collage technique is used in Seo Eun-kyeong's work, the foundation is the Korean painting that the Korean view of nature breathes.

In the era of globalization, reading true Korean painting at the border of the two cultures of the West and the East is to look into the two worlds, discover the differences there, and revive the traces. This exhibition will be an exhibition to consider what true modernization of Korean painting is and how to move forward through the unique perspective and interpretation of Korean painting and art by Eun-kyeong Seo.
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Blossom - Happy Christmas

Dec 23, 2014 - Jan 24, 2015

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