Art Sohyang, Busan

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  • Artists Gam Seongbin
  • DatesDec 10, 2019 ~ Jan 11, 2020
  • HoursMonday-Saturday 10-6
  • Contact+82 51 747 0715
  • Art Sohyang will be holding a solo exhibition 《Abyss》 from December 10 (Tue), 2019 to January 11 (Sat), 2020. This is the artist's first solo exhibition held at Art sohyang after the two-person exhibition 《Adult's fairy tale》, which received great attention last year. The artist is a graduate of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, and is growing by receiving attention from both art critics and the market. Through this exhibition, about 30 new works such as paintings, sculptures, and installations are presented. In particular, this exhibition is a solo exhibition that the artist has in Busan for a long time, and it is meaningful to present both paintings of sculptures and sculptures of paintings beautifully at the same time by putting sculptures into installations and paintings beyond sculpture, which is the main major.

    The title of the exhibition, 《Abyss》 is borrowed from a series of works of the same name and the theme of the exhibition, which is newly seen in this exhibition. This exhibition is a development in the form of the artist's own gaze of 'compassion'. In addition, it shows the identity he seeks as an artist and his perception of his work. The raw sadness and despair that artist Seongbin Gam shows is not a representation, but rather a manifestation and sympathy. Rather than realistically portraying the suffering and pain that people experienced in tragic events, the depth and character of the sadness that the characters would have experienced through those gestures that seem to be barely standing on the body of an abnormally distorted body, shrunken shoulders, and each other's bodies. This series, first presented through this solo exhibition, shows that the gap between sculpture and painting, which the artist majoring in sculpture has been constantly contemplating, has finally cleared up.

    On the other hand, artist Seongbin Gam's sculpture is more implied, but shows a rich emotional line. "Abyss", a 5m long group installation work, is a work that has the core of penetrating the artist's world of work. The artist explores the essence of the emotion of sadness through this work, which shows his competence as a sculptor. Extremely dramatic and bold, but honestly expressing ‘sorrow’ in various forms, this work is one of the highlights of this exhibition that should not be missed.

    In this way, artist Seongbin Gam's paintings and sculptures are richly implied with a painful feeling of sadness and compassion for me and others. The artist's work, which expresses not just the appearance of the human body, but the emotions and personality of the character, has the power to attract the viewer's mind. In contemporary art pursuing new ideas, technologies, and innovation, the reason why the artist's work, which silently talks about sadness and solitude with basic materials, is attracting attention is probably the innate lyricism of the artist who can fully understand and express the pain of himself and others. It must be thanks to the sense of beauty.



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