Silent Forest

May 01 - Jun 01, 2024

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Art Sohyang will hold <Silent Forest>, a solo exhibition by Younghwan Chung (b. 1970~, Korea), known as the artist of ‘Blue Forest’, from Wednesday, May 1, 2024 to Saturday, June 1, 2024. In this exhibition, a number of new works will be presented, focusing on the ‘Mindscape’ series, which depicts a utopian forest with plants viewed from the front, which is unrealistic but seems to exist somewhere.

Young-Hwan Chung's work contemplates nature and the world in a way that is not an 'expression of the true scenery,' but a 'landscape through planned landscaping.' The process of space and formative expression thoroughly calculated by the artist metaphorically resembles the process of architecture, and when combined with Younghwan Jeong's unique blue color, it creates a lyrical and dreamlike atmosphere that transcends time and space. The forest depicted by Young-Hwan Jeong is not a natural landscape, but a combination of images he collected, referring to the expression of ‘excerpting’ a part of nature. As the artist says, ‘Forests and trees were interpreted one-dimensionally and laid out flatly,’ large and small trees and leaves lined up in a row appear in the shape of an architecturally landscaped forest in verticality and horizontality, sublimity and tranquility. The nature collected for my work has a different flow of time and history. In this way, the artist combines places, memories, and history from different times on one screen to create another time, landscape, and meaning.
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