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Art Sohyang is pleased to present the solo exhibition by artist Gam Seong-bin from June 9 (Wed) to July 17 (Sat), 2021. Along with the artist's main major, sculpture, this exhibition shows the artist's unique method of painting in a more in-depth way, and consists of works that more seriously explored and attempted "sadness", a theme that runs through his works, from a pictorial point of view. In particular, the fact that it consists of a total of 40 works, including large-scale painting works, is attracting attention.

For artist Gam Seong-bin, “sadness” is a theme and a beginning that runs through the entire world of work. The artist intends to tell the indescribable sadness and despair that you and I have experienced in front of a tragic event, as it is. There will be sorrow, pain, lamentation and mourning for those who have passed away and those who remain around them, as well as the sympathy and compassion of those who watch it.

The number of paintings in this exhibition is overwhelming. Although the artist majored in sculpture, he did not stop there, but expanded his work by attempting painting. He painted a picture on canvas and carved a sculpture in resin and a wooden frame that surrounds the picture. It adds a sight to the work and at the same time amplifies and delivers the message of the painting. This variation of the artist's unique painting created a variety of channels for the artist to communicate with the public, while remaining faithful to the sculptor's original identity and building a more original painting world.

Artist Gam Seong-bin starts with painful memories he has experienced in his life, and works to gradually encompass the sorrows of others. In the midst of numerous changes over the years, in this exhibition, the characters in Gam Seong-bin's work are no longer alone, but are telling stories of sadness together, creating a completely different emotional line and emotional situation than before. They hug, care for and comfort each other in spite of the despair and sadness of a hard life, paradoxically, it is felt that they have a deep love for life. It is probably thanks to the author's natural heart full of warmth and warmth that can lead to the power of these emotions.
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Gam Seong-bin: Drift