Yoo Jaeyeon solo exhibition - RUN HIDE TELL

May 05 - Jun 17, 2023




Contemplative about the night, Jaeyeon Yoo composes landscapes where fantasy and daily life may coexist. Sometimes discomforting and unfamiliar, her works bring the viewers into the artists’ experiences and childhood memories, expressing the equivocal aspects of this world as well as both the small and large events of the day, accompanied by self-reflection and imagination. This is to draw on the gap between dualities-memory and fantasy, subtlety and honesty, society and individual, past and present, inside and outside, existence and recognition.
Art SoHyang is pleased to present <RUN HIDE TELL>, a solo exhibition of new works by Jaeyeon Yoo, on view from May 5 through June 17, 2023. This exhibition presents around 30 new works of Yoo’s ‘Night Walker’ series, reflecting the state of seclusion in freedom, revealing lonely figures walking in the darkness. This exhibition is composed of paintings of subjects stopped walking and doing something each and every night and place. Every figure in the paintings are staring at the dim light from the deep bushes or what happens being in a brown study, they are leaning or sitting. For her, ‘The act of drawing’ embodies running(Run) from the reality, hiding(Hide) in a screen and coming back to stage to tell(Tell).
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Yoo Jaeyeon solo exhibition - RUN HIDE TELL

Yoo Jaeyeon solo exhibition - RUN HIDE TELL

May 05 - Jun 17, 2023

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