Hazy addiction

Mar 16 - Apr 28, 2017




In the spring of 2017, Art Sohyang introduces six promising young artists from Busan at the exhibition 《Hazy addiction》 from March 16th to April 28th. Six young artists who are from Busan or who are actively working at home and abroad, Jun-Seok Kang, Ju-Ho Park, Nam-Ju Bae, Dae-Yong Byun, Enzo, and Choong-Seok Han, are exhibiting 30 works, including paintings and sculptures.

Today, art is more commonly absorbed by the public, but in general, it is not easy to enter and exit art galleries and galleries comfortably unless you have majored in art or have been surrounded by art culture since childhood. That's why people think that art deals with difficult and incomprehensible content. However, the elements that shake modern audiences in front of the work are not necessarily so difficult. If you think about waking up in the morning, folding the curtains, taking a walk, eating, changing clothes, surfing the web, cleaning the house, etc., more than half of the day are things you do reflexively and immediately without conscious awareness. But it's not that these things don't matter. Not only do they take up half of the day, but the unconscious, repetitive, and sometimes faint and hazy moments of daily life are essential immersion times in the day. This exhibition will be an exhibition to learn how each of the six artists discovers and indulges in beautiful and shining moments in their daily lives that are useless but essential.

Meanwhile, in this exhibition, conversations with the artist will be held on two occasions in relation to the exhibition of 《Hazy addiction》. From March 30 (Thursday) to Kang Jun-seok, Park Ju-ho, and Han Choong-seok, and April 6 (Thurs) from Byun Dae-yong, you can hear the uniqueness and beauty of each world from living as an artist in modern Korean society. It will be a great opportunity.
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Hazy addiction

Hazy addiction

Mar 16 - Apr 28, 2017

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