Yoon Sangyoon

South Korea, b.1978


Using both hands, Yoon Sangyoon's work, which presents both classic and unconventional instinctive paintings, is the closest to reality and seeks materials in the surroundings, but expresses all layers of life, conscious and unconscious, in a strange and unfamiliar landscape. The right-hand work, in which dozens of colors are applied to realistic depictions, is a three-tiered structure of the superego, the ego, and the unconscious. The right-hand work, which combines the images of many landscapes and people he met in real life, is systematic and extremely realistic. However, it is an exotic landscape that does not seem to exist in this world, as if it is not real.
Left-hand drawing begins with this three-tier structure. The unconscious selves under the water, which could not be accurately expressed with a three-tier structure, have evolved into left-handed drawings. The two works are very different. If the right hand is a classic oil painting, his brushstrokes flow smoothly like water flowing in the left hand, as if in an oriental painting, as if the artist himself could only see himself when the painting was completed. As you can see the intention of this, it is an instinctive, sudden, accidental result. Therefore, his left-hand work is light but never light, lightness and seriousness coexist.
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Yoon Sangyoon

Yoon Sangyoon

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