• 2020 Pusan National University, Korean painting Master's degree
      2018 Pusan National University, Korean painting

Solo shows

    • 2020 Secret place, Hongti Art village, Busan
      2019 Safety space, Artdistrict_p, Busan
      2019 Happiness in daily, Aden Gyeongju, Gyeongju
      2019 SeoYeji Solo exhibition, la galerie, Ulsan
      2018 Personal taste, Oiacoffeeandceramic, Busan

Group shows

    • 2020 Young Artist project 2020 Relay exhibition, Eulsukdo culture center, Busan
      2020 The Pocket of Solitude, KIMI artcenter, Seoul
      2019 There is no moral in this exhibition, COCA, Busan
      2019 Gimhae Biennale, Yunseul Museum, Gimhae
      2019 To Love, DGB Gallery, Daegu
      2018 Kidari knock knock knock, KIDARI Gallery, Daegu
      2018 Mumbai Biennale, sir J.J Art School, India
      2018 Traditional, Lotte Department store Seomyeon, Busan
      2018 Busan, Dream with art, Geumnyeonsan Gallery, Busan
      2018 YOUNG ARTIST ARTISTAR, Seokdang Museum, Busan
      2018 Excellent Graduation works invitation exhibition, JUNGJunho Gallery, Busan
      2017 UNDER 35, Shinsegae Department Centumcity, Busan

Fair booths

    • 2021 Asia Hotel Art Fair Busan, Parkhyatt Hotel, Busan
      2020 Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul, Ninetree premiere Hotel, Seoul
      2020 Changwon Asia Art Festival, Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon
      2019 Busan international Art fair, Bexco, Busan
      2019 ASYAAF, DDP, Seoul
      2019 Changwon Asia Art Festival, Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon
      2018 Busan International Art Fair, Bexco, Busan