Seo Yeji

South Korea, b.1995


We spend more than half of our day with other people, and our lives change depending on who the other person is.
In a modern society where there is little time for ourselves, what we feel we need is the relaxation in a comfortable space of our own without any discomfort.
The artist's space in the painting best expresses his identity. The objects in the space clearly show who you are, what you are interested in, what kind of life you are living, and who you are. In addition, familiar objects there give a feeling of stability and tranquility, making it a space to comfort oneself who is tired of the fake life of modern society.
Therefore, 'my own space' is a space where you can focus only on yourself, recover emotionally, and find yourself who has been lost by others.
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Seo Yeji

Seo Yeji

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Installation view