Park Seonga

South Korea, b.1996


Park Seonga's works show images acquired in real life, but it is a sensory space of the artist's own thoughts and consciousness, and there is a premise that it embodies the inner side of the space that is not ostensibly. Round figures appear secretly during the process of recalling and internalizing memories from the warmth of nature. The round shapes formed from the time of recognition of nature are warm, soft, emotional elements that begin with such small things, and images of the mind that are newly constructed inside.
The artist is going through an intermediate process of how to make others think universally about the object of an individual's distinct intuition and the content of emotion. In the work of recalling nature, the images that are internalized and recalled are released into the artist's unique space and express as if they exist in reality.
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Park Seonga

Park Seonga

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