Park Minsu

South Korea, b.1979



The sculptures of Park Min-soo are connected by grinding and welding numerous wires connected under meticulous and delicate calculation. The unique visual patterns created through the connected ancestors and their margins convey the logic of nature and the world, such as both sides of a coin. It can be explained by keywords such as nonlinearity, ambivalence, rules, rotation, pattern, and infinity, and has the opposing property of filling and emptying by arranging metal wires in space. Lines are arranged according to certain rules and welded one by one, so that the hard repetitive behavior allows the work to recognize physical and non-physical elements simultaneously through communication of synesthesia and physical properties implied by the close and systematic connection. All phenomena do not exist alone and are organically closely connected, and the connection is endless and circulates in a constant cycle.
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Park Minsu

Park Minsu

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Installation view