Moon Jung

South Korea, b.1993

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Although Moon Jung's work looks like an abstract painting due to its geometric shapes, the artist's work starts from the problem of how to make abstraction figurative. The artist, who stands out for her unique poetic sensibility and delicately stacked describes, has been talking about the visible and the invisible. Artist mainly use a pencil to build lightness with dots and lines on a small flat surface, add volume, and do delicate work. All the objects in the world, whether they are people or objects, or words or phrases in inspired literature or poetry, look at them in their basic form and combine them again on a flat surface. For this reason, Moon Jung's works are blurry in meaning and form when viewed one by one, but all objects come together in a cozy way in the painting, and the story she delivers is the crystallization of beauty.
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Moon Jung

Moon Jung

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