Kim Su

South Korea, b.1987


Artist Kim Su is a Busan-born installation artist who has been constantly interested in the essential and changing process of the nature of objects and the relationship between objects. The artist expands the process of changing things as they interact with other objects or due to such exchanges to fundamental questions about wounds, despair, and healing in relation to others. The artist seriously and cheerfully solves the structural problems that arise in the relationship and that prevail in daily life. In the process, the artist goes beyond the simple nihilism of the relationship, and nevertheless reveals the possibility of healing that individuals have received in the relationship. To release. Objects selected as works receive new values. What makes the artist's work unique is that it gives us new values ​​to familiar objects, but also reveals its original function, blurring the boundaries between art and daily life, and inducing questions.
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Kim Su

Kim Su

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