Kim Hyunsoo

South Korea, b.1992



Artist Hyunsoo Kim, who lived in Jeju Island as a child, reconstructs the landscape of Jeju with memories and unconsciousness, and draws pictures by combining the artist's own composition and form. To the artist, the scenery of Jeju is a familiar and natural space, but seeing something exotic and new to some, she realized that what is natural to me can be special and precious to others. From that time on, the precious and grateful stories that are forgotten in our daily life are unraveled through pictures. The colors are applied several times on Korean paper to express the various and deep natural colors of Jeju. Even if one color is painted on a single tree, several colors are combined in a bowl to create the calm and deep color that the artist pursues. The daily life has changed due to the corona pandemic, but it tells the story of the vitality of nature that continues to grow within it.
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Kim Hyunsoo

Kim Hyunsoo

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