Kang Junseok

South Korea, b.1984


Jun-Seok Kang, who is from Busan, lives and works in Jeju, expresses the fantasy and daily life of Jeju, which is oddly matched based on solid drawings and wide imagination. In his paintings, which express images that are difficult to see in cities in the exotic scenery of Jeju Island, everyday scenes slide into extraordinary scenes, and the audience falls into the change. Perhaps thanks to the warm climate of Jeju Island, his paintings have a lot of green color of green palm trees all year round. Rabbits dance and walk around in this green light and charcoal, dogs talk, and music resonates from a magic piano. The reason why such poetic landscapes found in Jeju's exotic and everyday landscapes are fascinating is that it is based solely on the unique imagination and clear lyricism of artist Kang Jun-seok.
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Kang Junseok

Kang Junseok

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