Choi Hyeonggil

South Korea


Full of buildings, "Mr. Kim runs today as well".

Writer Choi Hyung-gil is a Western painter who expresses the busy life of modern people with the character Mr. Kim.

His works are visually impressive, and they contain the philosophy of value in which the artist looks at the world. The artist says that the house that fills the work is the appearance of modern people living with the logic of matter and the wealth they use as the source of happiness, that is, a symbolic expression of large money. The artist calmly expresses the appearance of modern people in a new shape created by buildings and allows us to look back on our lives once again. The artist, who had dreamed of becoming a cartoonist since childhood, fell in love with art in the studio of the artist he visited when he was in college and began working in earnest, and won the special prize at the 27th Korea Art Competition. With his natural dexterity, he works on painting and carving using wood, and draws pictures like canvas on his own sculpture. He was selected as the first author of Art Revolution Taipei in 2021.

"Is the standard of success in a capitalist society that everyone says, money and money happiness?" Modern people constantly compete and run toward the future to create wealth standards, create life patterns, and create a better social position there according to the conventional wisdom of the world. In my work, home is a symbolic expression of wealth, but I want to find true happiness in the essential sense that home is a home to the family."
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Choi Hyeonggil

Choi Hyeonggil

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