Bae Namju

South Korea, b.1985

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Artist Nam-ju Bae, who expresses the world of utopia with delicate and refined brushstrokes, looks at the world by comparing'deer' to himself. Sometimes, even if the dreams I had at night are so vivid, their memories tend to disappear after a few hours, and for some reason, there is no cause and only the emotions that are the result remain, and everyone will have experienced at least once. A person's memory changes over time, so everything is blurred in the memory and it feels beautiful and like a dream. Perhaps that is why Bae Nam-ju's paintings are familiar and unfamiliar. The artist draws a non-existent imagination based on the artist's personal memories, experiences, and dreams from the extremely existential landscape he has seen while coming and going around his studio. When the boundaries between reality and unreality, virtual and real, visible and invisible things are broken down, this landscape is more beautiful and bizarre because it does not depend only on imagination or reality.
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Bae Namju

Bae Namju

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