• Ph.D., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
      M.F.A., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
      B.F.A., Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea


    • Dong-A Art Festival "Dong-A Art Prize"
      Songeun Grand Art Exhibition "Entered Prize"
      Danwon, NewFrontier, Misulsegae "Special Prize"

Solo shows

    • 2021 Sound of Silence, 2448 Moon Fine Arts, Seoul
      2020 Holly Silence, Banyan Tree Gallery, Seoul
      2020 Greetings, Hansae Gallery, Busan
      2017 Five Windows, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
      2016 Memorandum, Sophis Gallery, Seoul
      2015 White Night, 2448 Moon Fine Arts, Seoul
      2014 Full of Emptiness, Gallery Absinthe, Seoul
      2012 Lethe's Forest, Assouline Gallery, Seoul
      2010 Soundless, Gallery MoonFineArts, Seoul
      2008 Lucid Dream, Gallery Touchart, Heyri Art Valley, Paju
      2006 Fictional Diary, Gallery ArtSide, Seoul
      2005 Situational-Logic, Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
      2003 Situational-Logic, Kepco plaza Gallery, Seoul

Group shows

    • 2020 With Memories, Suaenyo 339, Seoul
      2020 Merry Christmas, Yo Gallery, Seoul
      2020 Golden Triangle, Salon Artertain, Seoul
      2020 SIXTEEN, Kim Hyun-joo Gallery, Seoul
      2019 Persevering, persistent, d/p, Seoul
      2019 Si, fill Gallery, Seoul
      2019 People, City and Between, Biki Gallery, Seoul
      2019 Winter Story, Gangneung Art Center, Gangneung
      2018 Nanji Nunji, a difficult map, Nanji Art Hall, Seoul
      2018 The way of memory, Heesoo Gallery, Seoul
      2018 Secret Salon, One Gallery, Seoul
      2017 Borrow Landscape, Gangneung Museum of Art
      2017 New Shape - Reality and Illusion, Seokdang Museum of Art, Pusan
      2016 Secret Garden, Seoul Museum
      2015 Art Nova 100 5th Anniversary, National Agriculture Center, Beijing, China
      2015 Realism Interface, Seokdang Museum of Art, Pusan
      2015 Paintings - all the windows to the world, BMOCA, Heyri Art Valley, Paju
      2015 Space of Boundary, Gallery Grimson, Seoul
      2013 Winter Masterpieces, Gallery Sun, Seoul
      2013 Korea Tomorrow 'Image Installation‘, Seoul Arts Center
      2013 Art Nova 100, 798 Art Factory, Beijing, Shanghai, Macou, China
      2012 From Cover to Cover, Parkryusook Gallery, Seoul
      2012 A Room With a View, Keumsan Gallery, Heyri Art Valley, Paju
      2012 Beyond Reality, S+Gallery, Pusan
      2011 Snowy Scene, Gallery Moonfinearts, Seoul
      2011 Summer Show, Hada Contemporary, London
      2010 Looking around Insa-dong, Gong Art Space, Seoul
      2010 Finding Beauty of Love n Peace, Abu Dhabi National theater
      2010 Ventriloquism of Image, Interalia, Seoul
      2009 Wonderful Pictures, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
      2009 Communication Groping and Directivity, Jeonbuk Province Art Museum
      2009 Korean Hyper Realism, Gasc, Gimhae
      2009 Another daily routine, Seongnam Arts Center
      2009 Truth about retina, Interalia, Seoul
      2009 Yeouido, Korea Development Bank Atrium, Seoul
      2009 The Books, Parkryusook Gallery, Seoul
      2008 Wander on the Sky, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul
      2008 Mix & Match, Donwon Gallery, Daegu
      2008 Korean Young Painters, Doosan Gallery, Noam Gallery
      2007 ACAF NY, Pier 92, New York, U.S.A.
      2007 Brand NewII, Eugene Gallery, Seoul
      2007 Real Image, Insa Art Center, Seoul
      2007 "Speed Up" H-art, Hyundai Motors
      2006 ART SHANGHAI, Shanghaimart, China
      2006 Christies Asian Contemporary Art, Hongkong
      2006 4th Cutting Edge, Seoul Action Center, Seoul
      2006 40 Contemporary Artist Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul
      2006 Kyunghyang PAG Exhibition, Kyunghyang Gallery, Seoul
      2006 Contemporary Art of Korea and Japan, ONO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
      2005 Mutual Understanding of Arts, Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
      2004 Red Heaven Exhibition, Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul
      2004 Korea Young Artists Biennale, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Daegu


    • 2018 SeMA NANJI RESIDENCY 12th(Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

Permanent collections

    • Art Bank (National Museum of Contemporary art Korea) Korean Embassy in Democratic
      Republic of Congo Hana bank, Korean development bank, 93Museum