Yoon Byungwoon

South Korea, b.1976


Yoon Byungwoon, who likens painting to a window, draws a virtual world that seems to mix consciousness and unconsciousness through the window. Consciousness and unconsciousness, virtuality and reality are mixed together, and his work is interesting with ambiguous boundaries, allowing the audience to peek into his secret world without fully knowing his intentions. Artist Yoon Byungwoon studied at Hongik University, has performed solo exhibitions in Seoul and Philadelphia, and is also active abroad in Korea, China, and the United States. Yoon is the recipient of the Dong-A Art Prize, the Kyunghyang PAG’ Today’s Young Artist Prize’ and the Danwon, NewFrontier ‘Special Prize’ amongst others.
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Yoon Byungwoon

Yoon Byungwoon

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Installation view