Choi Rye
Korean , b.1985

About Form
  • Artist Choi Rye shows the process of finding herself through traditional Chinese handprints, which may seem simple, but require a delicate and labor-intensive process. Known as the flower of Eastern printing, handprints is a traditional Chinese printmaking technique with a history of more than a thousand years. Unlike Western prints based on oil, it uses the characteristics of water to reveal painterly. The artist creates a sense of oriental mystery by unraveling simple and concise forms such as dots and circles with clear and transparent colors. Each poetic yet abstract circle naturally permeates each other while overlapping or touching each other, creating delicate and subtle stains, showing the unique depth of handprints. The artist puts herself in a circle and repeats a kind of meditation-like action in which the circles filled on the screen fills herself up again, thereby embedding a mental and philosophical state in her work.
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Art Sohyang
Nov 05 - Nov 30, 2019