Suh Seungeun
Suh Seungeun
" The Korean painter who gave birth to a succulent girl. "
Artwork by Korean artist

The Korean painter who gave birth to a succulent girl.

Artist Seo Seung-eun is showing the surrealist world of works with his unique style of painting by creating the world's first creative subject matter of "succulent girl" along with the unique coloring method that revived the characteristics of Hanji.
The succulent girl shows the story of dreams, wishes, inner strength, patience, and fruit, and can read the sensibility of the work through the girl's eyes.
The appearance of a slender girl is a visual form that brings out the loneliness and weakness that exist deep inside humans.
By adding the inner strength of succulents to weak humans, I would like to tell those who live in a harsh modern society that if they endure and strive no matter what difficulties come, they can bloom and bear fruit someday.
Recently, a new series of characters called "2Dan" has been introduced, and "2Dan" is an expression of the Korean pronunciation "Idan," symbolically expressing a young person who opposes or rebelling against secular traditions or authority in the work.

"For everyone, life comes with adversity. I wanted to talk about the achievement of new hopes and dreams through beings beyond the weak limits of humans, such as the strength of succulent plants that eventually bloom after a long patience. That's how the succulent botanical girl was born, and I want to convey positive energy to everyone in the hurt world with their stories."

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Artwork by Korean artist

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