Park Hansaem
Park Hansaem
" All of Park's works are landscapes. "
Artwork by Korean artist

All of Park's works are landscapes. The artist has been engrossed in landscapes such as islands and forests, but unexpectedly, landscapes such as islands and forests are merely images that have no meaning. What the artist wants is not a representation of a landscape, but because it is the energy and aura of the space in which it resides. In other words, the invisible aura of the space, the accumulated time, the feeling of oneself when facing the space, and the phenomenon that occurs when the work is brought to a third place are what the artist thinks of interest. Rather than creating a story through the image of an island, the artist wants the viewers to feel the picture in front of his eyes and the time and aura itself contained in the picture.

The artist, who majored in Oriental painting at university, goes back to the past by reversing the trend of various transformations of contemporary Korean painting. The artist who thoroughly works with only ink and paper uses the most traditional materials, but paradoxically, it is modern in the way of expression, the composition of the screen, and the overall feeling. His work, which seems to be expensive due to the material characteristics of ink, is rather modern with a design and poetic sensibility that cannot be found in traditional landscape paintings, with the balance of the white space filled with the enormous canvas and the islands that sometimes quietly and sometimes boldly reveal their existence. He is showing his gaze. It is another virtue of his work to exchange energy with the environment surrounding the artist himself, and to experience his work that does not require additional explanations for that energy.

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Artwork by Korean artist

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